In The Beginning

I’m not sure where this idea was born. Ear­lier this sum­mer (2009) I kic­ked around the idea of pho­to­graphing the Dela­ware Bay and perhaps what’s left of the oys­ter industry. The spark of that idea quickly faded but I knew I nee­ded something new to pho­to­graph, something long-term that invol­ved travel.

Now that Ice­land is behind me, I wan­ted to cha­llenge myself again. I never know how my ideas of what I want to pho­to­graph arise. I only know that they appear at ran­dom times — maybe there is some kind of sub­cons­cious brains­tor­ming going that feeds me these things.

So that’s the cha­llenge, pho­to­graphing what I find along — or even in — a river from its head­wa­ters to where it meets the sea. Another cha­llenge I’m facing is that I usually start pho­to­graphing a pro­ject before I create a web­site to show the ima­ges. So the pres­sure to do this well is on.

The fun part of this pro­ject is that it’s web based. I mean, of course I ima­gine having exhi­bits of these pho­tos in towns along the river. But a blog with a pur­pose is also nice. So my tool­box is filled with came­ras, both still and video, GPS to geo­tag the pho­tos, this blog and hope­fully good for­tune. Stay tuned.

  1. Jerry


    You're off to a great start with this very cool idea. I like the way you cate­go­ri­zed the river by region and the geo­tag idea is very innovative.

    Tacony Bridge pho­tos are cool in B/W. How about adding a little bio­graphi­cal info on the bridge for rea­ders of the blog?



  2. Bill Spangler
    Bill Spangler09-14-2009

    I like it. The only sug­ges­tion I have is to perhaps inc­lude a pano­ra­mic shot of the river (say from top of the Water Gap) incor­po­ra­ted into the title. Just to rein­force the con­cept.

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